Monday, January 4, 2010


So, when my husband asked I told him that I didn't have any resolutions and I guess that is a lie.

One of my resolutions is to write more. More journaling in my book to Jasmine, more posting on this blog and more creative writing. The last part is going to have to happen, I signed up to take a class at the local college and if I ever want to finish my Masters I will have to finish writing a book.

My second resolution is to finish more craft projects this year (and to remember to take photographs!) My husband said that I needed to finish some, but I really did finish quite a few last year. I know he was teasing, but really, grrrr. There are a few things that have been sitting around for a while (years) that are close to being finished, so hopefully they'll get done. For some reason thought I am already planning next Christmas' presents.

My third resolution is to take more pictures! We are so bad about taking pictures, it doesn't matter where we go or what we are doing, there is rarely a picture of it. I don't even have a Halloween picture of Jasmine for 2008. So, here are some for now.

This is my bed right now, luckily my husband is in Little Rock, AR, or else he wouldn't have a place to sleep tonight:

I am trying to organize my craft stuff, I know where everything is and what needs to be finished.

And here are two paintings Jasmine did while I started the great sorting:

Done in water paint.


Done in paint dot markers, basically bingo markers.

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