Monday, January 4, 2010

Bye-bye crib

So, for almost three and a half years Jasmine has slept in a crib. She has never tried to climb out. I don't know why. Today I finally converted her crib into a toddler bed. I figured I might have an easier time if I did it while my husband was away, I don't know why and can't even follow my own logic.

Here's a picture of her crib:

There's a stuffed Max and Stitch in there.

And here is the bed now:

I put her old crib bumper back up. There is supposed to be a wooden board that runs in front of the mattress, so it won't slide off onto the floor, but for some reason there are no holes drilled in the left post, so I couldn't put it up.

EDIT: I checked on Jasmine earlier, she was awake, but in bed! I just checked on her now and she is asleep, but still in bed! Most of her toys are in my closet right now (time to go through them and give away the ones she doesn't play with), but there are several piles of stuffed animals she could have gotten up and played with. She went to sleep with her door closed, but I opened it, so if I am not awake by the time she wakes up in the morning she can come into my room and either wake me up, or make a mess (I still haven't finished sorting through all of my craft supplies and they are in a ring around my bed.) I'm excited. I'm not sure for how long she'll stay in bed before she realizes that she can just get out, but I am hoping for a long, long time. I also hope she doesn't fall out of bed tonight.

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