Friday, April 29, 2011

How to cook seaweed soup (miyeok guk 미역국)

EDIT: 3/16/2011 My mother visited last week and it was during her birthday, so I made 미역국.

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If you are using a Microsft OS and cannot see the Korean characters, but you want to be able to you need to download and install the East Asian Language pack.

미역(miyeok) means seaweed/seaplant/sea vegetable. 국(guk) means soup, a broth based soup, e.g. chicken noodle soup would be considered a 국, but cream of mushroom would not.

I got the basic recipe for this from Maangchi on her page for miyuk-guk, there are many ways to romanize 미역국. Wikipedia also has a brief article and very basic recipe on their site.

So, starting with Maangchi's recipe I modified it to suit my tastes.

I forgot to take a picture of the seaweed package so you would know what kind to buy, I will try to remember to do it next time and add the picture to this post.

EDIT:5/25/11 I have pictures of the packages of seaweed now.

Okay, Maangchi's recipe starts will 1 cup of dried seaweed and has you soak it for an hour, well I just took it and put it in a jar with a lid and soaked it over night, so I could start cooking right away in the morning.

I drained the seaweed.

And placed it in a large pot with 16 cups of water, like the recipe says, but I placed it on low heat so I could get the rest of the ingredients ready.

Then I took an onion and halved it, then sliced it.

Then cut the slices in half.

If you are like me you can do the other half of the onion and add it to the soup also.

I couldn't find beef brisket at the store, so I bought lean stew meat.

As you can see it is still a little fatty, so I took the pieces trimmed them down and cut them into smaller pieces.

After that I turned the heat up to get the soup to start boiling. I add half a coup of frozen sliced garlic.

I cannot remember where I read about this, but if you use a lot of garlic and would rather not use the store bought preminced or crushed garlic, you can do it yourself at home and just freeze it. I grow garlic, but I use more than I can grow, so I will also buy it from the store and peel it, slice it and put the pieces in a old water bottle and freeze them.

You can also mince the garlic and put plastic wrap on a cookie sheet, spread the garlic out on the sheet, freeze the sheet and after it is frozen cut the garlic into about 1 inch squares, which is about 2 tablespoons and put the squares into a plastic zip-loc type bag in the freezer. I wish I remember where I learned this from to give proper credit, but oh well, probably some sort of bento site. You can also do this with green onions.

I also forgot to take a picture of the fish sauce and sesame oil, to show what brands I use and I am all out of them right now, hopefully I remember to take a picture of them later.

After everything boils for about 20 minutes you are done and have a batch of seaweed soup.

I normally make a double batch and freeze most of it. If you do plan on freezing it don't add tofu. I found out the hard way that tofu does not freeze well and had to throw out a lot of soup :(

If you are wondering how kids will like this, Jasmine is 4 years-old and eats it all the time.


Crescent Moon said...

I would like to try this. What type of seaweed is it?

Sandra said...

I don't know the name of it, it is normally written in Japanese. But I will take a picture next time I buy it, which should be soon.

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