Monday, February 21, 2011

Horribly behind on blogging, so sorry.

OMG. So much dust on this blog. Sorry.

So, the co-op finished a week before Thanksgiving. I think it went okay, not great, but not horrible.

Eeek! I just found this post in my drafts section, of course not finished, and barely written so let me finish it.

Let's see. Okay, so the co-op classes from last semester that I taught were journalism and crafts, they went okay. This semester I am only teaching one class, cooking and I think it is going much better than the classes last semester. Jasmine is taking a preschool class both hours and really enjoys it.

Jasmine is still taking taekwondo (νƒœκΆŒλ„) at Carson ATA. We stopped bowling, it was fine the first two weeks, but then I think Jasmine just got bored of it, she whined the whole time. We are fine with that, she isn't at a point yet were she gets the idea of scoring and improving the score, plus the lightest ball they had was six pounds which was still very heavy for her.

Last semester I took Drawing 1 and Survey Art History 1. The drawing class was really good and I am taking Drawing 2 this semester. The Survey Art History 1 I took online and it was horrible, there was zero feedback from the teacher, so I will take the second part at the school. I plan on getting my associates of fine arts here, at Western Nevada College, but I don't know if I will continue on, probably not until Jasmine is older.

Jasmine is still going to WNC's child development center while I am in classes, I think she likes it, mostly because she gets to play with other kids. There are only a few kids on the street that we live on and they are all older and in high school.

I started a book reviews page, hopefully you can see the tab up above. There isn't anything there right now, but I think that I really need to get back into the habit of writing, and hopefully this will help and maybe it will remind me to update the main blog more. I am planning to go back and do reviews for all the books previously listed here and more, especially since Jasmine loves books even more now. She will sit in her room and "read" her books, she makes up stories based on the pictures.

I think I might also add a tab for my crafts, so I can post pictures of the projects that I finish, but I need to find the cable for the digital camera first. Yes, I lost the special cable for the camera, and it is a new camera and will only take this one cable. Grrr. I hate when I do that, but I do it all the time. Oh, just found it, my husband had it by his computer.

I also think that I might add a tab for cooking, branch out the blog a little bit and maybe that will help with the updates and less digital dust.

Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get a finicky eater to eat in a daycare/school setting they would be much appreciated. Jasmine is like me and won't eat breakfast, I pack her lunch for the daycare. I thought I would finally get to do all the fun bento style lunches, but she won't eat lunch. She will eat the snack during snack time, but that is it. So, she doesn't eat her first real meal until we get home at 2:30pm. Obviously she isn't starving, she will eat the food, it is what she eats when she gets home, she just won't eat it at the daycare.

Hopefully this post makes sense to you all.

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