Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to cook seaweed soup (miyeok guk 미역국) redux

So, I went to the local Vietnamese store to look for the seaweed for miyeok guk 미역국, but I didn't find it there. Then last weekend I went to the Korean store in Sparks, NV, Yim's Asian Supermarket. I found the seaweed there and took some pictures with my cell phone, sorry, but they are low quality.

This is the seaweed in Korean, and written in Romanized from the Japanese pronunciation, ito-wakame.

And I believe the black writing here in the center is the Japanese name of the seaweed, I am not 100% sure, so if anyone can read it please let me know.


Crescent Moon said...

Thank you for answering that question! The pictures are clear enough to figure out if I'm getting the right thing.

jooliyah said...

Yes! the japanese says "wakame" which means seaweed.

and thanks for commenting on my blog, i'm glad i found yours. =)

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