Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week Two

This weeks theme is Jungle, but I changed it to Monkey because I don't think Jasmine would have grasped the concept.

Monday: I tried to get Jasmine to pretend to be a monkey, but it ended up being a tickle fest. That's okay. I unfortunately do not remember where I got the image of the monkeys from for this week.

Tuesday: we took the square from last week and covered it with two different green glitter glues. Jasmine already know the word "green" from her green foam soap that we use at bath time.

Wednesday: was the letter "B." Jasmine made an Bee B using the letter "B" and some glitter glue. I got the idea from No Time For Flash Cards.

We also colored a "B" worksheet that had an upper and lower case "B" with pictures of things that started with "B" from Mommy Here is the worksheet.

Thursday: was number two. We added another fish to our fish bowl and counted out our food.

Friday: the nursery rhyme for Friday was I Had a Little Nut Tree. I printed out a picture and rhyme from Mama Lisa, but I also added A Little Nut-Tree by Roald Dahl.

Here is a view of our Learning Poster.

I had to recreate this, we went on vacation to Las Vegas for 4th of July weekend and while we were gone the paper fell off the wall. I didn't pick it up quickly enough when we got back home and Jasmine drew all over it. Right now it is a bit wonky, the words are all crooked, but I think I'm going to leave it that away until I need to do it over again. If you look really really hard you will see Jasmine has already drawn over a bit of it.

I also recently got new items for our calendar. We now have a section that tells us what today is, and what day it will be tomorrow, and what the weather is like. There is also new months that have photos instead of cartoons. Also there are holiday dates now that are photos (e.g. Labor Day is a construction worker with an American Flag background.) I don't know why, but I like photos better than cartoons, I think some times cartoons are still too abstract for Jasmine to understand.

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