Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ballet update

So, ballet wasn't a complete disaster, but it was close. When I called to register I made sure to ask the teacher if 3 years-old was okay and she assured me that it was. Jasmine was the youngest in the class by a year, and the other girls had all taken classes before. Jasmine just wanted to dance, get up, run, jump and move around. She wouldn't sit or follow directions, she was too excited. We are paid up for the month (and they owe me money, as I over paid), so we'll give it a few more tries, but I don't think she'll be continuing, she just isn't ready to stay still for that long.

I admit I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm really trying not to be. I don't want to be the crazy dance/cheerleader/pageant mom. I really think that Jasmine will like ballet, or some other formal form of dance, eventually. She loves to dance around the living room all the time.

I guess part of me is disappointed, because I took ballet and I wanted Jasmine to like ballet.

So, trying not to be disappointed, but I'm stressed out. I was already stressed out about the co-op tomorrow, but I am even more so now, because what if Jasmine has to sit down there too, and what if she doesn't follow directions?

1 comment:

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

That's so sweet that you're getting her into ballet. She'll get into her groove by the end of the month I'm sure. Good luck I hope the class gets her some exercise soon!

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