Monday, October 15, 2007

Homeschool links for Northern Nevada

In Nevada compulsory school is between the ages of 7 to 18 years-old.

Some helpful links about homeschooling...

Nevada Homeschool Network
This website has a lot of useful information about how to start homeschooling in Nevada.

Nevada's Department of Education website on Homeschooling
This website includes the letter of intent that you need to send to the school district, and the form for if you want your homeschool child to participate in certain programs and activites.

Homeschool World
This particular page on this website lists homeschool groups for Nevada.

Reno Homeschooling
This homeschool group helps support people in Lyon, Douglas, Churchill, Storey, Carson City, and part of Washoe Counties. Their calendar hasn't been updated in years, but their main page was just updated today.

Northern Nevada Homeschools
I cannot tell if this website is related to the Reno Homeschooling website. They both cover the same area and list some of the same activites. There is a $20 fee to join this group, but they seem to offer a lot. Theme kits are available to borrow, programs they run, a newsletter and tips.

Of course we don't homeschool yet, Jasmine is only 13 months-old. So, as I find information I will add more links.

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